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The Patent Legal Malpractice Implications of “Walker Process” Antitrust Claims

Posted in Conflicts of Interest, Inequitable Conduct, Insurance Claims, Legal Malpractice, Patent Litigation, Patent Prosecution, Proximate Causation, Rules of Professional Responsibility

As experienced trial lawyers know, successfully trying or defending a case is all about presenting a compelling, understandable theme and narrative that comports with a judge and jury’s common sense and experience. Juries especially are prone to favor litigants and lawyers they like and case theories they easily understand.  That is human nature on display… Continue Reading

The Ethical Obligation to Self-Report Patent Legal Malpractice

Posted in Insurance Claims, Legal Malpractice, Rules of Professional Responsibility

Self-reporting your errors in prosecuting a patent application or litigating a patent claim is surely not on any lawyer’s “to-do” wish list. Many errors are correctable, stem from legitimate differences of opinion, or are of only minor moment. Part of the art of lawyering is perceiving and correcting errors before they become material impediments to the… Continue Reading