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The Dire Consequences of Misleading Patent Examiners and the Court During Patent Prosecution and Litigation

Posted in Expert Witness, Inequitable Conduct, Inventor Witness, Patent Litigation

As the summer winds down, vacations recede in the rear-view mirrors, and the “school” year begins, two recent cases offer a refresher course in the dire consequences awaiting  inventors who misrepresent prior art during patent examination proceedings, and for patent litigators who misreport the nature of potential witness testimony in federal district court trials.  The… Continue Reading

Credibility Challenges Posed by the Eccentric Inventor Witness

Posted in Inventor Witness, Patent Litigation, Pretrial Discovery

Eccentric inventors can be their own worst enemies at depositions and on the witness stand at trial.  General Electric Co. v. Wilkins  (Fed. Cir., May 8, 2014) is a recent case on point.  The General Electric case involved a single issue: whether Thomas Wilkins was an omitted co-inventor of certain patented wind turbine technology. The… Continue Reading